35 Powerful Minimalist Business Cards

Less is more. You don’t always have to go for the crazy business card designs. A good minimalist business card can stand out as much as a business card with colorful or busy designs. You start by selecting a beautifully textured paper and have your name, logo, or both placed on the card. Minimalist business cards always reflect class and elegance so you can’t ever go wrong with choosing this design.

Guido Ricci Masè

Guido Ricci Masè_1

Joey Teehan

Joey Teehan_2

Bellucci Stores

Bellucci Stores_3

Uno design

Uno design_4

Minimal Style Business Card

Minimal Style Business Card_5

TRIBO Telecom

TRIBO Telecom_6

Wooden Business Card

Wooden Business Card_7

Marinephos Business Card


Hair Stylist Card

Hair Stylist Card_9

Yannick Armspach

Yannick Armspach_10

Black on Black

Black on Black_11

Tom Mayes Design Business Card

Tom Mayes Design Business Card_12

Design Crumbs Business Card

Design Crumbs Business Card_13

Tunnel Bravo Business Card

Tunnel Bravo Business Card_14

Seolution Design

Seolution Design_15

Michael But

Michael But_16

Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot_17

Sage Media Design

Sage Media Design_18

Fuse Business Cards

Fuse Business Cards_19

LiFT Business Cards

LiFT Business Cards_20

new business cards

new business cards_21



Be simple

Be simple_23



Simple Business Card Design

Simple Business Card Design_25

Michael Cunningham Photography Business Card

Michael Cunningham Photography Business Card_26





Image Now Card Design

Image Now Card Design_29

Graeme Duckett

Graeme Duckett_30

Bryan Hewitson

Bryan Hewitson_31

Ubquity Business Cards

Ubquity Business Cards_32



Bourne Branding

Bourne Branding_34

TWhite Design

TWhite Design_35

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