40 Cool Custom Shaped Business Cards

When you have a first meeting with a professional contact, you will usually exchange business cards. Your business card should be designed in such a way that it leaves a lasting impression on the person who receives it. By having custom shape business card you can achieve a distinct business card design that will stand out from the rest. Below we showcase 40 Cool Custom Shaped Business Cards for inspiration.

Lady Bon Bon Business Cards

custom shaped business card

State Systems Radio

State Systems Radio_2

The Cocktail Card


Rockstars Business Card

Rockstars Business Card_4

Paper Saw Blades


Silver Foil Stamped

Silver Foil Stamped_6



Mineral Spring Water

Mineral Spring Water_8

Creative Sweet

Creative Sweet_9

Vista Caballo Letterpress Stationery

Vista Caballo Letterpress Stationery_10

Circle Business Cards

Circle Business Cards_11



Counter Creatives

Counter Creatives_13

Tongue Depressor Business Cards

Tongue Depressor Business Cards_14

Lawrence & Schiller

Lawrence & Schiller_15



Shi Shi

Shi Shi_17

Megaphone Business Cards

Megaphone Business Cards_18

Letterpress Ninja Business Cards

Letterpress Ninja Business Cards_19

Round Juggling Business Cards

Round Juggling Business Cards_20

Stella Dot Die Cut Business Cards

Stella Dot Die Cut Business Cards_21

Emerson Taymor

Emerson Taymor_22

Natalie Roberts Card

Natalie Roberts Card_23

business card

business card_24

Bauerhaus Design Business Card

Bauerhaus Design Business Card_25

die-cut proofs

die-cut proofs_26

Sommelier Business Cards – Business Cards

Sommelier Business Cards – Business Cards_27

Inku Photo Die Cut Business Cards

Inku Photo Die Cut Business Cards_28

Sandrine Abraham – Du Bout Des Yeux – Business Cards

Sandrine Abraham – Du Bout Des Yeux – Business Cards_29

New Business Card

New Business Card_30



SNAP! Business Card

SNAP! Business Card_32

Bridge Photographic Business Card

Bridge Photographic Business Card_33

Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones_34

Architect Business Card

Architect Business Card_35

ACME estudio – Business Cards

ACME estudio – Business Cards_36

Teaching Shop Business Card

Teaching Shop Business Card_37

Ninja Business Card

Ninja Business Card_38

Orderin Business Cards – Business Cards

Orderin Business Cards – Business Cards_39

Orient Xpress · Noodle Bar

Orient Xpress · Noodle Bar_40

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