70 Elegant Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress business cards come from a form of printing, where a press coated with ink presses into the paper leaving behind a unique impression, unlike laser and offset printing. Quality letterpress business cards look elegant, stylish, high-end and amazing. Nothing can beat the touch and feel of letterpress business cards and that’s why they are good for your business.

Here are the 70 Elegant Letterpress Business Cards for your inspiration. Take a look at these business cards to get some ideas on how to make your business cards stand out. Enjoy browsing!

Matching Paper To Sand

Matching Paper To Sand_1

Point Form Business Cards

Point Form Business Cards_2

Reb Peters Press

Reb Peters Press_3

Villainy and Associates

Villainy and Associates_4

Space150 V26 Business Cards

Space150 V26 Business Cards_5

Heidelberg Letterpress

Heidelberg Letterpress_6

Human Hand Varnish On Black Business Card

Human Hand Varnish On Black Business Card_7

Beautiful Blind Impression Business Card

Beautiful Blind Impression Business Card_8

Slate Studio

Slate Studio_9

The Craftsmen of Fine Technology

The Craftsmen of Fine Technology_10

Edge Painted Letterpress

Edge Painted Letterpress_11

Letterpress and Laser Cut

Letterpress and Laser Cut_12



Verve Letterpress Woodgrain Business Cards

Verve Letterpress Woodgrain Business Cards_14

Square Letterpress Card

Square Letterpress Card_15

Edged Color Business Card

Edged Color Business Card_16

Clean White Letterpress

Clean White Letterpress_17

Edge Painted Letterpress

Edge Painted Letterpress_18

iphone app developer letterpress cards

iphone app developer letterpress cards_19

Sexy Business Card

Sexy Business Card_20

Bold Black Letterpress

Bold Black Letterpress_21

Anna & Jason business card

Anna & Jason business card_22

Personal Identity Card

Personal Identity Card_23

Photographer Business Card

Photographer Business Card_24

Painter Business Card

Painter Business Card_25

Custom Business Cards

Custom Business Cards_26

Sublimio Unique Design Formula Cards

Sublimio Unique Design Formula Cards_27

Many Fold Farm Letterpress Business Cards

Many Fold Farm Letterpress Business Cards_28

Photographer Business Card


Forward Blotter Business Cards

Forward Blotter Business Cards_30

NIkki N, edge painting

NIkki N edge painting_31

Plaid Pattern Business Cards

Plaid Pattern Business Cards_32

Tina Durocher

Tina Durocher_33

Blotter Board Letterpress Business Cards

Blotter Board Letterpress Business Cards_34

Inspiration Home, edge painting

Inspiration Home, edge painting_35

Edible Business Card – Bombay Bakery

Edible Business Card – Bombay Bakery_36

Letterpress calling card

Letterpress calling card_37

Celestielle Letterpress Business Cards

Celestielle Letterpress Business Cards_38

Corporate Identity Card

Corporate Identity Card_39

new business card

new business card_40



Brilliant Stack

Brilliant Stack_42

Aphro Chic Blotter Business Cards

Aphro Chic Blotter Business Cards_43

Pacific Luxury Letterpress Business Cards

Pacific Luxury Letterpress Business Cards_44

Electric Green Edges

Electric Green Edges_45

New Fuse Business Card

New Fuse Business Card_46

Letterpress Ninja Business Cards

Letterpress Ninja Business Cards_47

Garibaldi Photography Business Cards

Garibaldi Photography Business Cards_48

Round Juggling Business Cards

Round Juggling Business Cards_49

new business cards

new business cards_50

Old Red Hat Letterpress Business Cards

Old Red Hat Letterpress Business Cards_51

I am Tiago

I am Tiago_52

Dingbat Letterpress Card

Dingbat Letterpress Card_53

Greek Business Card

Greek Business Card_54

Letterpress Business Card

Letterpress Business Card_55

Letterpress Business Card

Letterpress Business Card_56

Business cards for Ellen

Business cards for Ellen_57

J2 Letterpress Card

J2 Letterpress Card_58

Bluebird Design BC

Bluebird Design BC_59

Three Color Letterpress

Three Color Letterpress_60

Whitney Shaw can draw

Whitney Shaw can draw_61

letterpress business card

letterpress business card_62

19 Marks Design Business Cards

19 Marks Design Business Cards_63

Custom Baby Calling Cards – 4

Custom Baby Calling Cards - 4_64

MINDPUNCH Business Card

MINDPUNCH Business Card_65

Letterpress Business Card


Creative Business Card

Creative Business Card_67

Jennifer Daniel Card Range

Jennifer Daniel Card Range_68

Letterpress business cards for Build

Letterpress business cards for Build_69

Sandra Suy Contact Cards

Sandra Suy Contact Cards_70

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