Awesome Holographic Business Cards

Your business card is an indication of who you are in the business world, you identification card in the world of commerce. Holographic business cards make sure that you become the person known for having a premium, high quality business card rather than the person whose business ID looks unprofessional if not amateur.

holographic business card


A holographic foil with a long wavelength was chosen so the viewer would see as much of a full spectrum of color as possible when holding the cards up to a light source.

Coolest Holographic BusinessCard


By placing a hologram over a transparent plastic card, GenixDesign has utilized two of the more visually stunning printing techniques. This card produces the illusion of a floating holographic logo in the palm of their client’s hands, making it very eye catching and fun to share. Remember, the more time your clients spend admiring your card, the more time they spend subliminally remembering it, making this design a brilliant choice for anyone looking to increase business.

Nerdo Business Card


This business card was designed by Nerdo Design Collective. 3 x 5 cm, Black 380gr paper, Holographic foil stamp.

Bespoke business cards


Bespoke Silver hologram—foil blocked, shines in different light – 500gsm

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